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Panorm Facilitates Strategic Sale of Hydrolux, a Leading Electronic Component Manufacturing Unit


Hydrolux Electronics

Panorm played a key role in facilitating the strategic sale of Hydrolux, an established electronic component manufacturing unit. Founded in 2003, Hydrolux has been a prominent player in supplying electronic components to various industries, including automobiles, manufacturing, and solar products. The promoter of Hydrolux approached Panorm, seeking their expertise in executing a strategic sale due to the absence of interested successors within the promoter’s family.

Panorm’s comprehensive services covered the entire acquisition process, starting from identifying potential targets to conducting due diligence, finalizing the deal, and facilitating the seamless transfer of ownership. Remarkably, this transaction was completed within an astonishing timeline of under four months, showcasing Panorm’s efficiency and expertise in executing complex deals. In addition to facilitating the sale, Panorm also assisted Hydrolux in their final handover to the buyers. This involved strategic allocation of funds and ensuring a smooth transition, ultimately transferring a debt-free entity to the new owners. By managing this process effectively, Panorm ensured that the buyers received a well-structured and financially stable business.

The strategic sale of Hydrolux highlights Panorm’s commitment to delivering comprehensive and tailored advisory solutions. With their expertise, they empower companies to successfully navigate complex transactions, ensuring the best outcomes for all parties involved.
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