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Asset Management Services

  • Setting up a Family Office with Board Member Representations.
  • Tailored Financial Advisory and Investment Structure with data driven real-time analysis.
  • Personal Finance and Wealth management advisory on asset creation and security.
  • Risk management services for reduction/rationalization of personal liability.
  • Government Registration and Compliances including Documentation, Taxation, Accounting and Book-Keeping, Individual Tax Advisory, Investment Compliances.
  • Assistance in Cross Border Investments.
  • Mutual Funds / ETFs.
  • Bonds / Debt-Funds.
  • Equity Portfolios.
  • Real-Estate Investments.

Integrated Portfolios across asset classes.

Multitude of activities including Investment Planning, Portfolio Management, Estate Planning & Administration, Philanthropic Planning, Income Tax Planning, etc.

Integrated SPV designed for sector-agnostic investments for a portfolio of blended products with strong fundamentals with advanced risk mitigation strategies.

Investment Banking Services

We take great pride in our expertise in addressing funding sources, capital structuring, accounting, and investment decisions, which have been a hallmark of our organization. We specialize in helping SMEs meet their fixed capital expenditure and working capital requirements, with access to the best possible resources, in a quick yet systematic manner. Additionally, we are proficient in assisting with equity-backed fundraising from multiple channels, coupled with in-house portfolio management for investors, which is our forte.

Assisting entities in raising funds from one or multiple lenders at affordable interest rates within our network of premium institutional lending, private pooling or fund-houses.

Helping out modifying the terms of an existing debt agreements with a structured finance approach.

Panorm assists companies seeking to raise capital in form of equity from network of institutions or private investors. Our complimenting Advisory Services department helps companies addressing the technical aspects of Equity Financing.

Access to a wide-range of Asset Reconstruction mechanisms for original creditors of Non-Performing Assets by recycling of capital and resolving distress situations. Panorm also assists in negotiating with Asset-Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) for addressing distressed companies.

Specialized service in acting as an intermediator between buyers and sellers to identify potential partnerships or potential targets by evaluating their strategic fit and assisting in end-to-end execution throughout the pre and post deal-cycle.

Advisory Services

Modern data-driven advisory services by leveraging the experience, knowledge and skills of our team to guide organizations or individuals in making critical business decisions. The main aim is to help clients make informed decisions, mitigate risks and achieve their business goals

Customized Advisory service for promoters to establish or structure their business operations in India or Overseas.

Quantitative Analysis of the client’s financial health to help in making informed decisions about investments, acquisitions or other financial transactions. Providing a wide range of boutique solutions for forecasting, risk analysis, scenario analysis, valuations, feasibility study etc.

Determining the value of assets, companies or investments for different stakeholders.

Helping businesses and individuals to effectively manage their tax obligations in terms of planning, compliance and resolutions, simultaneously ensuring the same with relevant tax laws and regulations.

Return Filing and TDS Filing Service requires thorough understanding of the tax provisions, where our Experts can help you file your returns with ease.

Providing specialized independent assessment services to organizations to ensure that their financial statements and other records are accurate, reliable, and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Outsourcing financial management tasks, such as accounting, budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting, cash flow management, strategic planning, raw data management and MIS reporting etc.

Commodity Trading

Sourcing - Optimizing - Integrating being the 3 operating principals. Sourcing of reliable suppliers who can provide the required materials or services at the right price and quality. Optimizing the supply chain processes to reduce costs, improve lead times. Integrating with suppliers, logistics partners, and other stakeholders to create a seamless and efficient supply chain network.

Icumsa 45 Grade Sugar / Cane Sugar / Beet Sugar / Rice / Wheat / Flour.

Alloys, Copper Mulberry Scrap, Copper Cathode, Titanium Alloys etc. and also Precious metals including Gold.

  • Crude Oil
  • Jet Fuel
  • D2 Diesel / Gasoline
  • D6 Virgin Oil
  • AGO
  • Mazut
  • Bitumen
  • LNG & LPG

Steel, Steel Alloys, Gypsum Lumps / Powder / Clinker etc.

Striving Together!

Collaborate with our experienced professionals and join forces to work on our network’s active mandates and open opportunities. Inviting businesses, associates, finance professionals to join with us and explore opportunities in our network!

Acquisition of Agro-Based Allied Business

  • Frozen Foods / Vegetables
  • Prawns / Seafood
  • Rice / Soya or allied commodities
  • Pulps / Juices / Extracts

Interest is in 100% acquisition with a hand-over period of 18 months for Key-Management Personnel or the promoters themselves in case of self-run operations. Turnover Criteria of 50 Crores and above with 5%+ EBIDTA Margins.

NCD-based Fundraising for Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real-estate in India are in high-demand and provide superior return on investment and IRR (Internal Rate of Return). CRE is still considered as one of the most popular investment avenues. Where the CRE market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 21%, we at Panorm have come-up with a unique proposition of Fundraising for Commercial Real-Estate projects for developers, landlords or CRE Operators looking to raise funds.

Unsecured Inventory based / Cash-flow based Financing

At Panorm, we assist entities in raising funds through affordable interest rates via future cash-flow based structures, without the need for collateral. Unlike asset-based lending, cash-flow based lending relies on business-projected cash-flows for repayment, with lenders analyzing risks based on the business work-ability and sustainability.

Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your investment goals.

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