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Panorm Takes the Lead as Flexicon International's Advisor in Debt-Syndication Transaction


Flexicon International

Panorm has successfully acted as the lead advisor for Flexicon International in their recent debt-syndication transaction. Flexicon International, a renowned player in the commodity trading industry, raised a substantial amount of Rs. 35 Crores through debt financing from two prominent Indian banks. This strategic move aims to restructure their existing debt and bolster their working capital requirements.

The infusion of fresh capital will enable Flexicon International to enhance their supply-chain operations across Europe and the Gulf, particularly in terms of their commodity trading prospects. With a renewed focus on these key markets, the company is poised to tap into new opportunities and solidify their position as a leader in the industry.

Building on the successful debt restructuring and syndication, Panorm further assisted Flexicon International in raising additional funds through private equity placements. These investments were secured from strategic institutional investors, and the funds will be directed towards strengthening Flexicon’s supply-chain capabilities in various steel alloys and expanding their procurement network. This initiative will leverage a modern-age data-driven approach to optimize their in-house processes and maximize operational efficiency.
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