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Panorm Facilitates Successful Institutional Debt Raise for Tresvista Infrastructure Projects in Maharashtra


Tresvista Infrastructure

The infrastructure industry in India is a crucial sector that plays a pivotal role in the country’s economic development and growth. Spanning across transportation, energy, water supply, telecommunications, and urban development, it holds significant potential for investment and expansion. Panorm has successfully raised an undisclosed amount in the form of institutional debt for Tresvista Infrastructure.

The Indian government has launched flagship programs such as “Bharatmala” for road development, “Sagarmala” for port-led development, and “Smart Cities Mission” for urban development, demonstrating their commitment to infrastructure development. These initiatives aim to enhance connectivity and improve the overall quality of infrastructure across the country.

To bridge the infrastructure investment gap, the government has encouraged public-private partnerships (PPP). PPP projects have facilitated private sector participation in infrastructure development and have been instrumental in funding and executing major projects in various sectors. Panorm, leveraging their expertise in financial advisory services, has facilitated a bank debt raise for Tresvista Infrastructure for their under development projects in the Maharashtra region. Tresvista Infrastructure specializes in government infrastructure projects under the PPP model.

With the additional funds raised, Tresvista Infrastructure is well-equipped to bid for multiple projects under government tenders and capitalize on the untapped potential of their vast experience in the industry.
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